Discipline Studies Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of a program the student will be able to:

Arts and Letters

  • Distinguish and apply terminologies, methodologies, processes, epistemologies, and traditions specific to the disciplines.
  • Perceive and understand formal, conceptual, and technical elements specific to the discipline.
  • Analyze, evaluate, and interpret texts, objects, events, or ideas in their cultural, intellectual, or historical contexts.
  • Interpret artistic and/or humanistic works through the creation of art or performance.
  • Develop critical perspectives or arguments about the subject matter, grounded in evidence-based analysis.
  • Demonstrate self-reflection, intellectual elasticity, widened perspective, and respect for diverse viewpoints.

Social Sciences

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the theoretical and conceptual frameworks of a particular Social Science discipline.
  • Utilize Social Science approaches, such as research methods, inquiry, or problem solving, to examine the variety of perspectives about human experiences.
  • Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of similarities, differences and changes over time among and between individuals, groups and societies as they shape and are shaped by history, culture, institutions, and ideas.

Science, Mathematics, Computer Science

  • Apply foundational knowledge and models of a natural or physical science to analyze and/or predict phenomena.
  • Understand the scientific method and apply scientific reasoning to critically evaluate arguments.
  • Interpret and communicate scientific information via written, spoken, and/or visual representations.
  • Describe the relevance of specific scientific principles to the human experience.
  • Form and test a hypothesis in the laboratory or field using discipline-specific tools and techniques for data collection and/or analysis.

Cultural Literacy

  • Identify and analyze complex practices, values, and beliefs and the culturally and historically defined meanings of difference.