The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) is a state-approved Associate's degree that is intended to prepare graduates for direct entry into the workforce. An AAS may also help to prepare students for career advancements, occupational licensure, or further study toward a bachelor's degree.

The program is fully articulated with Southern Oregon University's (SOU) Bachelor of Applied Science in Management program and allows students to transfer and become admitted into the School of Business at SOU with no loss of credits to pursue a bachelor's degree.  See the details of the articulation on the University Center's webpage.

Graduation Requirements

Complete a minimum of 90 credits of specified courses (see individual curriculum for listing) with a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 or better. All courses in the program must be completed with a 'C’ grade or better. Twenty-four (24) credits must be completed at Southwestern before the AAS degree is awarded.

Complete the graduation application process one term prior to the term of completion (e.g., spring term graduates must apply during winter term).

Related Instruction

Courses must be selected from the approved list of Related Instruction (General Education) courses.  All Related Instruction (General Education) courses must be completed with a grade of 'C' or better.

Health, Wellness and Fitness

Three (3) credit hours of Health/Physical Education: PE185 sport/activity courses (3 courses) or one (1) three-credit course from HE250 Personal Health or PE231 Wellness for Life.

Three (3) credit hours of PE185 sport/activity courses may be granted toward an AAS degree for completion of military basic training.  A copy of the military transcript or DD-214 is required.

A maximum of six (6) credits of PE185 sport/activity courses may be applied to the AAS degree.


THree (3) credits of writing at a level equivalent to WR 115 or higher:

WR115Introduction to Expository Writing3
WR121English Composition3
or WR121H English Composition w/Honors
WR122English Composition3
or WR122H English Composition w/Honors
WR123English Composition3


Three (3) credit hours at a level equivalent to SP 100 or higher:

SP100Basic Speech Communications3
SP111Fundamentals of Public Speaking3
SP218Interpersonal Communication3
SP219Small Group Discussion3
SP220Gender and Communication3


Three to four (3-4) credit hours at a level equivalent to MTH 60 or higher:

MTH60Algebra I4
MTH65Algebra II4
MTH80Technical Mathematics I4
MTH81Applied Mathematics for Culinary4
MTH82Business Mathematics4
MTH98Math Literacy4
MTH105Math in Society4
MTH111College Algebra4
or MTH111H College Algebra w/Honors
or MTH112H Trigonometry w/Honors
MTH212Fundamentals of Elementary4
MTH213Fundamentals of Elementary4
MTH231Elements of Discrete Mathematics I4
MTH232Elements of Discrete Mathematics II4
MTH241Calculus for Bus and Soc Science I4
MTH242Calculus for Bus and Soc Science II4
MTH243Intro to Probability and Statistics4
MTH251Calculus I Differential Calculus4
or MTH251H Calculus I w/Honors
MTH252Calculus II Integral Calculus4
or MTH252H Calculus II w/Honors
MTH253Calculus III4
or MTH253H Calculus III w/Honors
MTH254Vector Calculus I4
MTH255Vector Calculus II4
MTH256Differential Equations4
MTH260Matrix Methods and Linear Algebra4

Human Relations

Three (3) credit hours or as specified in the AAS degree program:

BA110Group Dynamics for Teams3
BA120Leadership Development3
BA285Human Relations in Organizations3
PSY100Introduction to Psychology4
PSY201General Psychology3
or PSY201H General Psychology w/Honors
PSY203General Psychology3
or PSY203H General Psychology w/Honors

Digital Literacy

Four (4) credit hours:

CIS120Concepts of Computing4

Complete the Above Requirements Plus Electives

The balance of the requirements may not be a pre-program course to the degree/program requirements and may not include remedial or developmental courses.  Pre-program courses are listed before the year courses.

Supportive Courses

Note:  The College has determined that the following supportive courses may be necessary to assist students to successfully complete their program; they count as electives only. 

CIS125WWord Processing Applications3
HD0529Math Success1
HD100College Success and Survival3
HD111Math Success2
HD112Study Skills3
HD113Stop Test Anxiety Now1
HD140Career/Education Exploration1
HD147Decision Making1
HD152Stress Management1
HD204Living Consciously3
HD208Career/Life Plan3
HD215Transfer Success1
LIB127Navigating the 24/7 Library1
OA121Beginning Keyboarding3

Note:  A maximum number of 45 credits is allowed for basic, developmental, or supportive courses under federal financial aid guidelines.