The Certificate of Completion Clerical prepares students to fulfill a wide variety of entry-level office support positions in any industry. The coursework combines computer skills, filing, word processing, office procedures, and basic bookkeeping. Students will also gain specialized skills in payroll processing, accounts payable/receivable, or desktop publishing.

Click here to learn how credits earned in this program can be applied to the AAS Administrative Office Professional degree.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Southwestern is required by federal regulations to disclose information related to the College's educational programs that lead to gainful employment in a recognized occupation. This information is intended to provide students the opportunity to measure employment outcomes associated with certificate programs.

Gainful employment information for the Certificate of Completion Clerical can be found online.

Graduation Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of 45 credit hours with a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 or better. All courses must be passed with a grade of ‘C’ or better. One course must be completed at Southwestern before the Certificate of Completion Clerical is awarded.

Complete the graduation application process one term prior to the term of completion (e.g., spring term graduates must apply during winter term).

Pre-Program Courses

Students are required to take the following courses prior to the program courses, depending on students' college placement information. See advisor for details:

CIS90Computer Basics (or demonstrate proficiency)2
MTH20Basic Mathematics4
WR90Paragraph Fundamentals (or placement in higher writing course)3-4
or WR90R Academic Literacy

Program Guide 

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
BA284 Job Readiness 1
CIS120 Concepts of Computing 4
CIS125W Word Processing Applications 3
OA124 Keyboard Skill Building 3
OA220 Electronic Calculators 1
English Composition 1
or English Composition w/Honors
AC2764 Small Business Accounting 2 4
BA205 Solving Communication Problems 4
BA288 Customer Service 3
MTH82 Business Mathematics 3 4
OA240 Filing and Records Management 3
BA285 Human Relations in Organizations 3
OA116 Office Procedures 3
OA280A CWE: Office Admin Certification 3
Specific Elective 4 3
 Total Credits45

WR115 Introduction to Expository Writing may be substituted for WR121 English Composition.


BA212 Principles of Accounting II may be substituted for AC2764 Small Business Accounting


MTH60 Algebra I, MTH65 Algebra IIMTH95 Intermediate Algebra or higher may be substituted for MTH82 Business Mathematics.


Specific Electives, choose from: BA156 Essentials of EconomicsBA223 Principles of MarketingBA277 Business EthicsCIS125PH Computer Applications: Photoshop, any CIS/CS course otherwise not required except CIS90 Computer Basics, or a one-year sequence in a foreign language.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program the student will be able to:

  • Use computers and office equipment proficiently.
  • Organize and protect information resources to meet business needs.
  • Perform routine bookkeeping tasks for a small sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation, including payroll.
  • Diplomatically, tactfully, and respectfully interact with diverse populations.
  • Describe, explain, and apply concepts of customer service to office work.
  • Research technical issues using library, Internet, and specialized reference works.
  • Demonstrate effective time management techniques.
  • Model professional and ethical behaviors.