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Credit for Coursework

The regular college year is divided into three quarters of approximately 11 weeks each. One credit is generally allowed for each discussion or laboratory period per week. The discussion period consists of 50 minutes of lecture or discussion; the laboratory period may consist of two or more clock hours.

Summer session usually include terms of eight weeks, with class periods proportionately extended.

For each period of lecture or discussion, students are expected to spend at least two hours on outside preparation (studying).

An average course load of 15 credits of college-level coursework per quarter will normally give a student sufficient hours of credit to graduate in two years. Courses should be chosen according to an organized curriculum.

Students may take more than 18 hours per quarter with advisor approval. Advisors may allow an overload through myLakerLink or signing a registration form located at the Student First Stop Center.

Course Numbering System

COURSES NUMBERED 0100-0499 (not section numbers) do not carry grades or credit. Tuition is charged per clock hour.

COURSES NUMBERED 0500-1999 may be graded (letter grade) or ungraded (pass/fail) or audit only. These courses may be credit or noncredit. Courses numbered 0500-1999 may not be applied toward a Southwestern degree or certificate unless stated in specific AAS curriculums.

COURSES NUMBERED 2000-9999, without a career technical alpha prefix (see list below) and that carry credit, may be used only as an elective for an AAS or certificate (excluding those listed as Developmental Education courses).

COURSES NUMBERED 2000-9999 may be graded or ungraded and may carry credit applicable to a Southwestern career technical degree or certificate. Career technical certificate/degree programs provide up to two years of specialized education designed to prepare the student for career-entry.

COURSES NUMBERED 100-299 are acceptable for a Southwestern degree or certificate and may or may not be eligible for transfer to four-year institutions. However, students should be aware the course or courses may be accepted as elective credit only or not at all if the credits do not fit in the student’s major discipline or major. Transfer acceptability is at the discretion of the receiving institution.

Career Technical Education (CTE) courses identified by the following course alpha prefixes may not transfer to a four-year institution. Specific transfer articulation agreements may exist. The interested student should consult with the appropriate staff at the four-year institution. Up to 12 credits of CTE courses numbered 100 and above may be used as elective credit toward the AAOT degree.

The following departments are known to have career technical education courses at Southwestern Oregon Community College:

Code Description
AC Accounting
AH Allied Health
CIS Computer Information Systems
CJ Criminal Justice
CLA Clinical Laboratory Assistant
CRT Culinary Arts
DEN Dental
DRFT Drafting
ECE Early Childhood Education
ED Education
EMT Emergency Medical Technician
FS Fire Science
HDFS Human Development and Family Studies
HIM Health Information Management
HTM Hospitality and Tourism Management
MFG Machine Manufacturing Technology
MLT Medical Laboratory Technology
MT Machine Tool Technology
NUR/NRS Nursing
OA Office Administration
PHAR Pharmacy Technician
WLD Welding

Developmental Education Courses

The following are all Developmental Education (DEV) courses and, although they may be required by placement scores, do not fulfill any Southwestern degree or certificate requirements.  Developmental Education courses build appropriate skills enabling students to be successful in college-level courses:

All CE/CEU/PDU prefix courses
MTH20Basic Mathematics4
MTH60Algebra I 14
MTH65Algebra II 14
MTH95Intermediate Algebra4
MTH98Math Literacy4
WR90RAcademic Literacy4

Course Number Change

In the event a course number has been changed from a career technical number to a college-level number, the college-level number will appear on the permanent record only for those who took the class after the change was approved.