Financial Aid



Southwestern Oregon Community College offers a number of financial aid programs in the form of grants, loans, tuition scholarships, and employment. Students interested in financial aid must apply online at Contact the Financial Aid Office for information. Funds are limited and students should apply early.

Term of Enrollment Priority Deadline for Submission of Required Paperwork
Summer Term 2024-2025 May 1, 2024 - Contact our office if attending1
Fall Term 2024-2025 August 1, 20241
Winter Term 2024-2025 December 1, 20241
Spring Term 2024-2025 March 1, 20251

Dates subject to change.

  • Paperwork submitted OR postmarked after the deadline dates will be processed as quickly as possible.
  • Be aware that late paperwork may not be processed before the term begins.
  • Plan on at least 6 to 12 weeks processing time from the time you turn in your last piece of paperwork. During peak times, especially August through October, the wait could be up to 16 weeks.
  • You will need to make payment arrangements with either Student First Stop Center if you have not received your official award letter by the payment deadline date.

Financial aid funds are disbursed by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or by mail after the student accounts have been credited. Disbursement begins Friday of the third week of each term. Further disbursements are processed by each Friday thereafter. Students receiving financial aid are to have all add/drops, bookstore charges and required paperwork processed by Wednesday of the second week of the term in order to have an accurate disbursement. Students are responsible for paying all tuition and fees in excess of financial aid funding by the payment/withdrawal deadline date listed in the academic calendar.

To be awarded federal student loans, or to begin working under Federal Work-Study, students need to have completed all the necessary paperwork and workshops.

Bookstore charges are available for all financial aid students who qualify starting the Monday before the term begins. For information contact one of the Student Success Centers at 541-888-7352 (Coos) or 541-813-1667 (Curry).

If students are placed on Aid Suspension Status, a request/appeal needs to be submitted to the Financial Aid Office, or alternative payment arrangements made with the Student Success Center by 4:00 p.m. on the second Wednesday of the term. Students who are on Aid Suspension Status and have submitted a request/appeal should continue attending all courses pending a review by the Assistant Director of Financial Aid. The second Wednesday of the term will be considered the actual date of withdrawal should a request/appeal be denied and the students chooses to withdraw. This will result in a 100% refund. Students are responsible for all bookstore charges. A refund may be available at the bookstore during the first week of the term if items are returned in the condition that they were purchased.

Consumer information is available online at ( and at several offices on campus including policies and procedures, application processes, and disbursement information.

Financial Aid on the Web

Southwestern’s School Code: 003220

Step 1 – Fill out and submit the FAFSA with Southwestern's school code online at

You’ll need the following to fill out the form:

  • Social security number
  • Federal income tax and W-2 forms along with any other records of money earned
  • Driver’s license (if any)
  • Parents’ income tax return (if a dependent)
  • Current bank statements
  • Current mortgage and investment records (if any)
  • Alien registration card (if not a U.S. citizen)

Step 2 – Log into your FAFSA and review your Student Aid Report (SAR) after your FAFSA has been processed. Review it carefully. When you file electronically, your SAR should be available immediately.