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Course/Credit Types

Lower Division Collegiate Transfer (LDC) courses are those that will transfer to four-year schools in Oregon, four-year public institutions, and apply towards a bachelor’s degree. Generally, transfer courses will have a departmental prefix and a three-digit number 100 through 299.

Developmental Education (DEV) courses are designed to help a student gain skill and knowledge before taking college-level courses. These courses will generally have a departmental prefix and a two- or four-digit number.

Career Technical Education (CTE) courses will vary, but will have a departmental prefix and a two-, three-, or four-digit number. Because course numbers vary, students planning to transfer to four-year institutions should follow the course selections shown under the Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (AA/OT) requirements, as well as consult with their advisor.  Career Technical Education courses may have limitations in degrees.

Non-credit courses are generally offered for community interest, personal enrichment, and professional development. The content is generally not applicable toward a certificate, diploma, or degree, and courses are not always transcribed.

Continuing Education Units (CEU) are a nationally recognized unit granted for educational experiences to upgrade a person’s skills in a particular profession or occupation. Courses developed to meet these needs are often approved through a professional licensing agency or a state or regional board. The units are not convertible to college credit.

Professional Development Units (PDU) activities may include a program, course, workshop, seminar, or other pre-approved learning experience. For a course to be eligible for PDU credit and for the activity to be transcribed by the College, it must meet specific criteria.

Foreign Language Requirement effective for everyone graduating from high school in 1997 (and thereafter).  All Oregon four-year public institutions require two years of high school second language for admission. This admission requirement can also be satisfied by two quarters (or semesters) of a college-level second language or demonstrated proficiency in a second language. For additional information, contact an advisor.

Code Description
ABE Academic Skills
AC Accounting/Bookkeeping
AH Allied Health
ANTH Anthropology
ASL American Sign Language
BA Business Administration
BI Biology
CHEM Chemistry
CIS Computer Information Systems
CJ Criminal Justice
CLA Clinical Laboratory Assistant
CRT Culinary Arts
CS Computer Science
DEN Dental
DRFT Drafting
ECE Early Childhood Education
ECON Economics
ED Education
EM Emergency Management
EMT Emergency Medical Technician
ENG English/Literature
ENGR Engineering
ENV Environmental Technology
ESL English as a Second Language
F Forestry
FE Forest Engineering
FN Nutrition
FS Fire Science
FW Fish and Wildlife
G Geology
GEOG Geography
GER German
GS General Science
HD Human Development
HDFS Human Development & Family Studies
HE Health & First Aid/Health Occupations
HIM Health Information Management
HON Honors Program
HS Human Services
HST History
HUM Humanities
J Journalism
LIB Library
MFG Manufacturing Technology
MLT Medical Laboratory Technology
MT Machine Tool Technology
MTH Mathematics
MUP Music Performance
MUS Music
NR Natural Resources
NRS Nursing
NUR Nursing - CNA
OA Office Administration
PE Physical Education
PET Physical Education Technical
PH Physics
PHAR Pharmacy Technician
PHL Philosophy
PS Political Science
PSY Psychology
RD Reading
SOC Sociology
SP Speech
SPAN Spanish
TA Theatre
WLD Welding Technology
WR Writing
WS Women's Studies