Student Housing

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Southwestern Oregon Community College is one of only a few community colleges in the state of Oregon to provide, for one price, housing and meal plans for students . Our 18 buildings offer apartment-style accommodations and quality living/ learning opportunities that are sure to be an integral part of your college experience.  We're all about better grades, convenience, security, delicious meals, savings, and friends for a lifetime.  For more information visit our website or give us a call at 541.888.7635. We look forward to seeing you!

Student Housing Eligibility

  1. All out-of-district/out-of-state first time freshman students choosing to attend Southwestern must live in Student Housing their freshman year, unless Student Housing is filled, or students meet any one of the following:
    1. Have a dependent or are married.
    2. Are a veteran.
    3. Are 21 years of age prior to the first day of class.
    4. Have earned 45 post high school college credits.
    5. Are approved to enroll in a specific 100% online degree program.
  2. Students must be 18 years old before December 15 of the school year they are attending.
  3. Students must be enrolled full-time (12 credits) to remain in Student Housing.

Policy exceptions must be requested in writing to the Office of Student Housing. 

Application Process

The list below is provided to help you complete the application process. The deposit is refundable according to the “Room and Board Rates and Deadlines” policy. There is no deadline to apply, however, room assignments are based on the date all materials are received and subject to room availability.  For this reason it is to your advantage to submit everything as early as possible.

  1. Complete the online application and pay the $250 housing deposit at myLakerLink.
  2. Submit copies of MMR Immunization records to Admissions or Student Housing.
  3. Submit your Financial Aid paperwork by the deadline listed in the Financial Aid section of this catalog.
  4. Receive an official Financial Aid award letter if you are approved.
  5. Make payment arrangements on any balance not covered by Financial Aid prior to arrival.
  6. If you are applying for a student loan, please contact the Financial Aid office.
  7. More information regarding housing is available in the Student Housing Office on our website.