Sorry, the 2019-2020 ecatalog will be released soon.
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Bacon, John; Executive Director of SBDC/REEF
    B.A. Organizational Management
Belter, Joseph; Director of Residence Life
    M.S. Educational Leadership and Policy
    B.S. Recreational and Leisure Studies
Benoit, Michelle; Director of TRIO and Student Support Services
    M.S. Education
    B.A. French
Brown, Sharilyn; Director of Educational Talent Search/ Upward Bound
    M.S. Social Science and Behavioral Science
    B.S. Human Services
    A.A. Human Services
Brunett, Emerald; Director of Facilities Services
Bunnell, Robin; Institutional Researcher
Corriea, Megan; Recreation Center Supervisor/Softball Coach
    M.A. Coaching and Athletic Administration
    B.S. Kinesiology
    A.A. Physical Education
Dailey, Tim; Vice President of Enrollment/Student Services
    M.C. Counseling
    B.S. History/Social Sciences
Dixon, Kathy; Executive Director Business Office
    B.S. Accounting
    A.S. Accounting
Fields, Mary; Title III Project Director
    M.S. Biology
Gerisch, Carl; Director of Integrated Technology Services/Chief Information Officer
    A.S. Mathematics-Science
Hamner, Elise; Dean of Resource Development/College Foundation
    M.A. Organizational Leadership
    B.A. Technical Journalism/Business Administration
Herbert, Mike; Athletic Director
    Ph.D. Health, Physical Education and Recreation
    M.S. Kinesiology
    B.S. Kinesiology
Jackson, Shari; Chief Human Resources Officer
    B.S. Management
Jennings, Alane; Case Grant Administrator
    M.S. Counseling
    B.A. Psychology
Keller, Rodney; Dean of Lower Division Collegiate & Developmental Education
    M.A. English
    B.A. English
    A.A. English
Mageehon, Ali; Vice President of Instruction
    Ph.D. Higher Education/Adult Education
    M.A. English
    B.A. English/Creative Writing
Mueller, Alicia; Manager of Learning Resources
    M.A. Educational Training
    B.S. Liberal Studies
Nicholls, Deb; Executive Assistant to the President/Board of Education
    B.A.S. Management
    A.A.S. Office Administration
Nicholls, Tom; Executive Director of Enrollment Management
    B.S. History Economics
    B.S. Education
Noland, Taya; Childhood Education Director
    M.A. English
    M.F.A. Creative Writing
Saldivar, Francisco; Dean of Career Technical and Workforce Education
    B.S. Workforce Education
    A.A.S. Electronic System Technology
Scott, Patty; President
    Ed.D. Community College Leadership
    M.A. College Student Personnel
    B.S. Sociology
Severson, Jen; Executive Chef of Dining Services
    A.S. Culinary Arts
    A.S. Baking and Pastry Arts
Silva, Jennifer; Registrar/First Stop Supervisor
    B.S. Liberal Studies – Business and Communications
Singh, Avena; Director Financial Aid
    M.B.A. Business Management – Marketing
    B.S. Information Technology
Soto, Arlene; Small Business Development Center Director
    M.S. Management
    B.A. Business Administration/Accounting
Stephens, Shawna; Bookstore/Mail & Print Services Manager
Stone, Meredith; Transitional Education Director
    B.A. English
Stueve, Mark; Corrections Education Director
    M.S. Computing Technologies in Education
    B.S. Mathematics and Computer Science
    B.A. Ar and Cultural Studies
    A.A. Liberal Arts
Thomas, Joe; Public Safety Director
Torres, Randy; Interim Executive Director of OCCI
    A.A.S. Culinary Arts
    C.E.C. Culinary Arts
Walker, Susan; Director of Nursing and Allied Health
    M. S. Nursing, Clinical Nurse Specialist
    Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioner
    B. S. Nursing
Whitey, Jeff; Vice President of Administrative Services

Board of Education

Harry Abel, Jr
Susan Anderson
Dave Bassett
David Bridgham
Mark Gagnon
Marcia Jensen
Ken Messerle

Emeritus Administration and Faculty

Pat Alvey
Dorothy Anacleto
John Anderson
Phillip Anderson
Rodger Barber
Thomas Bennett
Jerri Bennett-Stillmaker
John Berman
Margie Boak
Hans Boettcher
Bob Bower
Brenda Brecke
Jane Briggs
Don Burdg
Jill Christiana
John Christiansen
Harvey Crim
Kris Crusoe
Ray Daniels
Barbara Davey
Evan Davis
Michael Detwiler
Barbara Dodrill
Nathan Douthit
George Elkins
Steve Erickson
Katherine Flores
Larry Fourmet
Willi Furrer
Peggy Goergen
Dorothy Gillett
Shirley Gitchell
Linda Grosso
Dennis Hanhi
Sarah Harrold
Catherine Hockman
Charles Hower
Thomas Humphrey
Zita Ingham
Barbara Johnson
Kirk Jones
Beverly Kemper
Linda Kridelbaugh
Howard Kubli
N. William Lemoine
Ronald Lilienthal
Sharleen Lillebo
Gerry Livingston
Bruce Locker
Jim Love
Phyllis Love
Rocky Lavoie
Hugh Malafry
Bonnie Maxwell
William McGuire
Dave McKiney
Jacqueline McNeill
Sheldon Meyer
Robert Miller
Sharon Miller
Eleanor Montagna
Carol Moore
Jean Noland
John Noland
Ron Olson
Joy Parker
Patricia Parker
Janet Pretti
Ron Pullen
Clara Radcliffe
Jon Richards
Christian Rosman
Darrell Saxton
Diana Schab
Melanie Schwartz
Beverly Segner
Billie Shannon
Jim Shumake
John Speasl
Veneita Stender
Mary Stricker
Ann Sylvia
Mike Turner
Stephanie VanHorn
Sheila Ward
Terry Weaver
Bill Winfield