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CJ201 Juvenile Justice and Deliquency 3 credits

This course will cover the history and philosophy of juvenile justice in America and the impact of present societal reforms on the juvenile system. An array of theoretical positions will be discussed and debated (e.g. social structure theories, social process theories, social reaction theories, etc.). The influence of the family, media, peers, socioeconomic status, drugs, gang affiliation, and schools will be covered in detail. An overview of the legal framework in which the juvenile justice system operates will highlight the differences in adult and juvenile law. Study will include known landmark juvenile court cases and current trends impacting juvenile court. The systemic role of the police, the juvenile court and juvenile institutions will be explored. Child abuse and neglect, status offenders, and the unique needs of young people will also be examined. Students will obtain a working knowledge of the juvenile system and issues of juvenile delinquency.

This course may be taken 1 time for credit.