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EMT297 EMT Paramedic Part II 12 credits

Prerequisite(s): ( EMT296 )

The goal of EMT297 is to focus on anaphylactic, toxicological, environmental, geriatric, pediatric, obstetric, gynecologic, neonatal, and endocrine emergencies; infectious diseases and trauma care. Applies didactic knowledge to campus-based laboratory skills practice and clinical patient care in the hospital setting.The student will also be introduce to assessments and treatments of live patients in a clinical setting. The student will perform skills acquired in classroom and laboratory settings under the guidance of a preceptor to achieve required competencies. This is the second of a four-part series as set forth by the National EMS Education Standards. Failure of this course will require retaking the full sequence of EMT296, EMT297, EMT298, and EMT291.

This course may be taken 1 time for credit.