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GEOG265 Intro to Geographical Info Systems 4 credits

An introduction to the appropriate use and potential applications of geographic information systems (GIS) and related technologies (GPS and remote sensing) in forest management, operations planning, and problem solving. Students are presented with lectures and exercises that cover a wide range of GIS and GIS-related topics and issues including spatial database creation, structure, analysis, and modeling. Class meetings include a lectures and hands-on GIS exercises in a computer lab. Students are required to complete weekly lab assignments and a final project.

This course may be taken 1 time for credit.

Mechanical/Civil Engineering, Associate of Science

...activity courses will satisfy this requirement. 5 GEOG265 may substitute for ENGR201 or ENGR202 for...

Fire Science, Associate of Applied Science

...BI231 , CHEM221 , PH201 , ENGR211 , MTH243 , G246 , GS104 , GEOG265 or ECON201 . 9 May substitute FS141 , CJ203...