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GS104 Physical Science 4 credits

Prerequisite(s): ( MTH60 )

This course provides an overview of the essential ideas in physics with an emphasis on the laws of motion, work, energy, heat and temperature.

This course may be taken 1 time for credit.

Childhood Education and Family Studies, Associate of Science

...Science designated courses will satisfy this requirement. GS104 , GS105 , GS106 , GS107 , or GS108 are recommended...

Elementary Education, Associate of Science

...your advisor for details. 3 Science options: GS104 , GS105 , GS106 , GS107 , GS108 are recommended. PH201...

Elementary Education, Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer

...BI201 , BI202 , BI203 . Earth science options include: GS104 , GS105 , GS106 , GS107 , GS108 . Third option includes...