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GS106 Introduction to Earth Science 4 credits

Introduces various branches of earth science. Includes basic terminology, fundamental processes and respective interrelationships. Discusses rock and mineral formation, plate tectonic theory, volcanism, earthquakes, surficial processes, and geologic time. Includes laboratory component. Credit cannot be earned for this course and G221.

This course may be taken 1 time for credit.

Childhood Education and Family Studies, Associate of Science will satisfy this requirement. GS104 , GS105 , GS106 , GS107 , or GS108 are recommended. 4 A...

Elementary Education, Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer

...BI203 . Earth science options include: GS104 , GS105 , GS106 , GS107 , GS108 . Third option includes: PH201 , PH202...