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...23+ College math equivalent: MTH105 , MTH111 , or MTH243 MTH105 , MTH111 175+ MTH95 Gen Math: 228...

Business Management/Entrepreneurship, Associate of Applied Science; CRT115 ; ECON201 ; ECON202 ; OA116; MTH65 ; MTH95 ; MTH111 ; MTH241 ; MTH243 . 7 PE231 , HE250 , or three...

Forest Technology, Certificate of Completion

...excluding WR241 , WR242 , WR243 , or WR250. 2 MTH111 or higher, excluding MTH212 , MTH211 , MTH243 and...

MTH111 College Algebra 4 credits

Prerequisite(s): ( MTH95 )

A study of the concepts and principles considered in precalculus. Topics include: solution of equations and inequalities; analysis of functions and their graphs; polynomial and rational functions and their graphs; exponential and logarithmic functions and their graphs.

This course may be taken 1 time for credit.

MTH111A Corequisite Support for MTH111 1 credit

Prerequisite(s): Instructor consent

Corequisite(s): ( MTH111 )

This support course focuses on the foundational skills, concepts and communication needed to be persistent and successful in MTH 111. Students will receive appropriate support as needed in algebra, functions, problem solving, graphing, technology, and study skills in an interactive setting.

This course may be taken 0 times for credit.