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MTH243 Intro to Probability and Statistics 4 credits

Prerequisite(s): ( MTH105 ) or ( MTH95 )

Introduces the basic practice of statistics. Topics include descriptive statistics, graphical summaries of data; concepts of data collection and sampling design; probability: discrete and continuous probability distributions, central limit theorem; inferential statistics: estimating population parameters including means and proportions using confidence intervals, tests of significance on a single population mean or proportion.

This course may be taken 1 time for credit.

Academic Policies

...23+ College math equivalent: MTH105 , MTH111 , or MTH243 MTH105 , MTH111 175+ MTH95 Gen Math: 228...

Mechanical/Civil Engineering, Associate of Science OIT Civil Engineering. 6 MTH264 and MTH243 may be substituted for MTH253 and MTH260...

Business Management/Entrepreneurship, Associate of Applied Science

...ECON201 ; ECON202 ; OA116 ; MTH65 ; MTH95 ; MTH111 ; MTH241 ; MTH243 . 7 PE231 , HE250 , or three (3) credits...