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MTH80 Technical Mathematics I 4 credits

Prerequisite(s): ( MTH20 ) or ( MTH55 )

This course includes basic algebraic concepts and their application in technical scenarios involving measurement precision and accuracy, materials consumption, labor and production estimates, product design, dimensioning and tolerances, economical layout, takeoffs and estimates, and metal bending and stretchouts. Offered by the mathematics department in cooperation with the career technical education faculty.

This course may be taken 1 time for credit.

Academic Policies

...65 146-164 MTH60 / 98 Or CTE MTH80 / 81 / 82 Gen Algebra: 239-257 440...

Forest Technology, Certificate of Completion

...higher, excluding MTH211 , may be substituted for MTH80 . 3 BA110 , BA120 , BA285 , PSY100 , PSY201 , PSY202...