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NRS111 Found of Nrsg in Chronic Illness I 6 credits

Prerequisite(s): ( NRS110 ), or instructor consent

Corequisite(s): ( NRS230 ) or ( NRS232 )

This course introduces assessment and common interventions (including technical procedures) for patients with chronic illnesses common across the life span in multiple ethnic groups. The patient’s and family’s lived experience of the condition is explored. Clinical practice guidelines and research evidence are used to guide clinical judgments in care of individuals with chronic conditions. Multidisciplinary team roles and responsibilities are explored in the context of delivering safe, high quality health care to individuals with chronic conditions (includes practical and legal aspects of delegation). Cultural, ethical, legal and health care delivery issues are explored through case scenarios and clinical practice. Case exemplars include children with asthma, adolescents with a mood disorder, adults with type 2 diabetes, and older adults with dementia. The course includes classroom and clinical learning experiences.

This course may be taken 1 time for credit.