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PSY232 Psychology of Humor 3 credits

This course explores the psychological underpinnings of humor. It includes a theoretical discussion of humor from research in cognitive, social, biological and developmental psychology. It also explores practical ways to create and implement humor at home, in the workplace, and other personal encounters. The goal is to enhance both mental and physical health.

This course may be taken 1 time for credit.

Medical Assistant, Associate of Applied Science

...Electives - CJ203 , HDFS222 , PSY201 , PSY202 , PSY203 , PSY231 , PSY232 , PSY237 , PSY239 , PSY243 , SP100 , SP111 , SP112 , SP219...

Elementary Education, Associate of Science

...PSY100 , PSY201 , PSY202 , PSY203 , PSY216 , PSY228 , PSY231 , PSY232 , PSY237 , PSY239 , PSY243 will satisfy this requirement...