Baking and Pastry Arts, Certificate of Completion

The Certificate of Completion Baking and Pastry Arts provides a broad foundation of baking and pastry theory and practical training necessary for success in the food service industry. Students will learn the art of creating tasty baked goods, pastries, and confections, from traditional bread baking to beautiful showpieces. Students will also learn to use sugar, syrups, icings and chocolate. Prepares students for an entry-level baking position such as a pastry cook or baker in a bakery, restaurant, hotel or resort.

Entry Requirements

For application and fee information, contact OCCI Admissions at 541-888-7195.

Graduation Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of 72 credit hours with a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 or better. All courses must be completed with a grade of ‘C’ or better. Twelve (12) credits must be completed at Southwestern before the Certificate of Completion is awarded.

Complete the graduation application process one term prior to the term of completion (e.g., spring term graduates must apply during winter term).

Program Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, the student will be able to:

  • Prepare yeast-raised products to include breads, yeast-leavened pastries to include laminated doughs, breakfast pastries and leavened cakes.
  • Prepare a variety of cakes, fillings and icings to include chemical and mechanical leavening techniques.
  • Prepare a variety of egg- and dairy-based products, fried baked goods, and a variety of pastry products to include but not limited to meringue, fritters, and pies.
  • Identify, select and demonstrate the use of various chocolates and sugar and the common uses for the decoration processes.
  • List and explain the application of mixes and other convenience products pertaining to the baking process.
  • Describe and apply the principles of nutrition to maximize nutrient retention in baking preparation.
  • Obtain ServSafe Certification.

Program Guide

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
CRT115 Sanitization & Safety for Managers 3
CRT170 Baking & Pastry Foundations I 5
CRT175 Baking & Pastry Foundations II 5
CRT110 Intro to Food and Beverage 3
CRT135 Culinary Nutrition 1 3
CRT190 Culinary Arts for Baking & Pastry 5
CRT130 Menu Planning & Inventory Control 2
CRT185 Baking & Pastry Foundations III 5
CRT145 Restaurant Management & Supervision 3
CRT195 Retail Baking 5
CRT200 Advanced Confectionary 2
CRT205 Wedding Cakes 5
Second Year
CRT165 Restaurant Service 8
CRT160 Craft of Beverage Service 3
BA150 Introduction to Entrepreneurship 3
CRT280B1 Directed Practice: Baking & Pastry 6
CRT280B1 Directed Practice: Baking & Pastry 6
 Total Credits72

FN225 Nutrition may be substituted for CRT135.